Jump Trainers

The Kirila Fire Jump Trainers are a fully self-contained cargo section frame built on a chassis/trailer system for portability. Jump Trainers are used to qualify a cadet in the use of the parachute, train in the suspended harness, complete mass mock door exits while learning the PLF or Parachute Landing Fall. The Trainers are equipped with paratroop exit doors and ramp to assist unit with the most realistic sustained airborne operations simulation training.

Rollover Trainers/Simulators

Kirila Fire’s Rollover Trainers are stand-alone training devices that simulates a rollover of vehicles.

Rollover Trainers:
  • Expose trainees to real rollover conditions and forces that they would encounter during a vehicle rollover 

  • The effects of these forces on personnel, weapons, equipment and cargo

  • Enables egress training from these vehicles from inverted positions

  • Allows for tactical training of personnel following egress

Rollover Trainers include:

  • Modified vehicle cab, customizable to replicate the desired vehicle
  • Lap belts and safety harnesses

  • Up-armored doors

  • Gunners port and turret

  • Vehicle cab cradle

  • Heavy-duty skid mounted framework to support the cradle

  • Variable-speed 360 degree drive unit, with rotation position indicator

  • Handheld operators unit, with both forward and reverse controls

Rollover Trainers are equipped with the following safety features:

  • Dead-man control that is operated by the safety officer. This control must be depressed at all times in order for the cab module to rotate.

  • Three emergency stop buttons, located on the handheld operator control, the main control panel and in the front of the frame

  • Audible horn

  • Safety strobe

  • Heavy-duty external manual door latches

  • Electronic interlocks on all doors. These interlocks must prove that all doors are fully closed prior to allowing the cab module to rotate.

  • Safety railing on access platforms

  • Safety warnings and placards

All Rollover Trainers undergo complete factory testing prior to leaving our manufacturing facilities. After delivery, the end users are provided hands-on training to cover all aspects of operation and maintenance of the trainer. The Rollover Trainers are covered by Kirila’s standard warranty and customer support services to ensure reliable ongoing use of the trainer.

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